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Wind Tech Careers - I'm New...Where Do I Start? Part 2

Tower Washing Technician

Although wind is clean energy, there are occasionally spills that must be cleaned comes the Tower Washing Technician. This is a very hard-working group of individuals who sometimes may go unnoticed. Once again, these positions require extensive travel and may pay per diem($$). These individuals will visit multiple types of wind turbine, and clean up the mess that the site technicians don’t want to. This role does have some hazards - moving through very slippery areas in a turbine, etc. Also, you may have to climb ladders that have oil sheen and will need to be cleaned on the way up and down. This is definitely a role that Mike Rowe (Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs") will love. Like we mentioned in part 1 of our blog series, the quality of your work and the interaction that you have with the site technicians and site leadership will create an impression that may be helpful in the future.

Any current or former Tower Washing Techs out there?

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