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Wind Tech Careers - I'm New...Where Do I Start? Part 4

Site Technician

This is the most iconic role in the wind industry and what most people think about when they imagine working in wind energy. The site technician is based out of a single site or cluster of sites. Depending on the company, the site technician's duties will include troubleshooting and maintenance activities, The day in the life of a site technician is different every day and can be unpredictable. The site technician role is often more difficult to obtain straight out of wind school, especially in more desirable locations, but its possible. If you desire a site technician role, it may be a good strategy to take one of the roles previously mentioned in our previous posts and learn the basics first, but not always necessary depending on your training program. After a year or more with solid performance and a good reputation, getting a site technician role will be much more likely should an opening present itself.

Who started out immediately as site technician in the first wind job?

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