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Wind Tech Careers - I'm New...Where Do I Start? Part 1

We thought it would be helpful to the wind community, especially for those starting out, to share the common entry points into the industry. So, over the next 5 days we are going to profile 5 different wind positions aspiring wind techs should be looking for to enter the industry. First, one overriding piece of advice is to be flexible in both location and your willingness to travel. Let's start.

Maintenance Technician

The maintenance technician is generally a traveling role. Some larger sites may have full-time maintenance technicians however most people in this role will travel from site to site. This can be beneficial because it allows you to make per diem($$) on top of your base salary. It also gives the ability to learn how different sites, and maybe even different companies operate their wind sites. Please keep in mind that every time you arrive at a new site, think of it as an interview. The interaction you have with the wind site technicians and their leadership will leave an impression(good or bad) that may impact you getting a job at the site in the future. Also, do not underestimate the quality of the work you do in the turbines. If you take the time and learn to perform an excellent maintenance job, it will not go in unnoticed.

How many of our veteran Wind Techs started here?

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