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Wind Tech Careers - I'm New...Where Do I Start? Part 3

Wind Commissioner

Depending on the company, a wind commissioner may be new to the industry. I am using the term commissioner in broad sense to include all of the roles that are on a wind site in the pre-construction phase. Although some commissioners may have specific skill sets, there are many people who do tasks varying from landing electrical connections to washing the towers before they are stacked. These positions are generally traveling positions where one will remain in one place for a few months leading up to the commercial operations date(Start up date) of the wind site. Once again, these positions will generally have per diem($$) associated with them. This is a great opportunity to learn the ins and outs of a wind turbine. You will also make friends with people you will see for the remainder of your career. The wind community is very small and it is not uncommon to run into people at different sites many years later. Make sure you treat everyone with respect because you never know when the person next to you will be your boss.

Any current or former wind commissioners that started here?

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